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At Rock Creek Church we are active in giving and serving not only in our community but many areas around the world, from fighting food scarcity since 2009, helping rescue at-risk girls in Puru, to our school in Kenya with over 500 students! Every penny is important for continuing the work we are called to do, and the generosity of our church family, our volunteers, and our donors is what makes it all possible, thank you! In regards to giving we teach that generosity is a heart condition that aligns with the heart of God, and is one of the markers of maturity. We ask people to prayerfully consider their giving strategy and engage that strategy with integrity. We are so committed to this idea because we have seen so much breakthrough and growth in people's lives as they develop generous hearts. In addition, the richness of the impact we are having in literally thousands of lives locally and globally is beyond measure! Thank you for your generosity, and please know that we steward every gift with integrity, transparency, and accountabilty.

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