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Little Leaders Sunday School

​"Jesus said Let the little children come to me, and do  not hinder them for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these."

Matthew 10:14


​Kids like to have fun! so fun is a high priority at Little Leaders! Pastor James says the experience needs to be Fun, Safe, and Meaningful. Our children are treasures that we have been entrusted with. Even at a young age they can be people of power and influence in our families and our communities. We help kids know that God loves them, they are important and He has a plan for their lives right now! Little Leaders children's ministry is devoted to encouraging and promoting a strong relationship with Jesus Christ.   We strive to lift up each and every child, helping them to know who they are as His children and how much He loves them. 


Sunday Mornings Include:
Age relevant lessons with Bible use, crafts, games, & worship. Its important that every child is recognized and included as an valuable part of every class time.  

Safety Policy & Procedures Safety Policy & Procedures

We want to insure the best and most positive experience for you and your child.  The following are commonly asked questions and answers you may find helpful:

Are the staff & volunteers trained & safe for my child?  All participants of Little Leaders have submitted to background checks, and have been trained in the policies & procedures for care of children at RCC.

What if my child has a behavioral problem with a teacher or another student?  Conflicts with a child will be handled as follows: An initial correction and explanation is first given to the child to offer him/her an opportunity for redirection.  If necessary the parent(s) or guardian will be retrieved from service to assist.

Will you change my babys diaper and what if they are crying?  The staff & volunteers do not change diapers.  When needed, the parent will be notified in service for assistance by cell phone.  Additionally, children that are upset and crying will be given a few minutes to calm down before retrieval of a parent.  If your child is crying for a prolonged period, we will come and get you.

What happens when my child needs to use the restroom? Children needing to use the restroom will be accompanied by a classroom helper.  Volunteers will stand at the doorway of the restroom until the child is finished & accompany them back to class.  All children participating in Little Leaders classes must be able to properly use the bathroom facilities without assistance.  If special help is needed in the bathroom, the parent/guardian is to be retrieved.  Children 4th grade & older may use bathrooms unattended as approved by the classroom teacher.