LAM 3.5 September 21-24 2017 


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Thursday 6:30pm-9:00pm

Friday:     9:00am-9:30pm

Saturday: 9:00am-9:30pm

Sunday:   1:00pm-8:00pm

What to Expect:

Your participation in this Workshop will provide:

  • Fresh and bold teaching on the basic principles of spiritual, emotional and sexual oneness

  • Tools to take your marriage to a higher level of intimacy, communication and enjoyment

  • Breakthrough for struggling marriages, helping you overcome the strongholds in your relationship

  • Keys to take even healthy marriages to a higher level

  • Activities, training and materials available to bring this life-changing ministry into your church

  • Couples that have participated in the Love After Marriage (LAM) Workshop have experienced breakthrough, power and anointing for their marriages to become all God has intended them to be.

  • LAM 3.5 will be conducted by Paul and Sue Lavier

For more information and testimonies, visit The Nothing Hidden website.

Paul and Sue Lavier


Paul and Sue have been married since 1978, have raised three children and have served in numerous ministries over the years. They serve with the Core Leadership Team at New Horizons in McMinnville, Oregon, adding strength and wisdom to the team. With a prophetic word in their hearts about helping to heal marriages they attended a 5 day Intensive workshop in 2012.  They have since attended more leadership and Spirit Connection training with the Byrnes and have established the LAM ministry at their own church ministering to couples from around the greater Portland area with LAM I and LAM II workshops, LAM III home groups, and ministering to couples through Spirit Connection sessions.


“God used the LAM ministry to help us get rid of barriers to spiritual, emotional and physical intimacy by bringing to  light and getting rid of beliefs and patterns of interacting with each other that were based on lies from the enemy. LAM firmly established us in the truth of who God made us to be, gave us tools to maintain connection, and a commitment to pursue and spread the power of loving community. We now enjoy one another deeply and how God blends our unique personalities together with Holy Spirit to bring wholeness to other marriages. He gives us a tremendous love for the couples He brings across our way and a passion to see them experience the joy and strength of true intimacy!”


-Paul & Sue