The Pantry

covid 19 temporary hours

Tusdays from 3pm - 6pm

Drive through pick-up


Rock Creek Panty is an agency of the Oregon Food Bank and an equal opportunity provider.

Covid 19 Update


Please be sure to check back here for updates and changes, for now we are open for our regular hours, however we are not operating as a "shopping style" pantry for the foreseeable future. We will be handing out boxes at the curb in front of the pantry loading dock. We are asking people to stay in there vehicles and open their vehicles trunks remotely if possible, staff will load the food boxes into your vehicle for you. If you don't have a vehicle walk ups are welcome. Please form one line of vehicles starting at the loading dock and around the perimeter of the parking lot, there will be cones marking the area. 

The food boxes you receive will include one one box, or bag of frozen food, one of refrigerated food, and one box of non perishables. In addition we usually will have potatoes, and apples, and sometimes carrots and onions.

We are a Partnering Agency of the Oregon Food Bank and also
work with other ministries and businesses in the area to support over 800 family visits to The Pantry per month.  We are an equal opportunity provider.


You can help!

Food donations (for the time being we are not accepting food donations due to Covid 19 food protocols). Please consider financial contributions at this time which are greatly needed and appreciated. Simply click the donate button above.

Do you need food?
You may come to the pantry once every other week and we would love to bless you. You will receive food based on the size of your household. No documentation is needed but we do request you bring your own boxes or bags if possible.