Black Voices Bookclub is a safe space to dialogue, learn and grow. We believe racism is a vital subject that we’re called, by Jesus, to educate ourselves about and participate in systemic change. To better love ALL of our brothers and sisters in Christ, let’s connect, reach and grow as a body together by inviting the voices of our Brothers and Sisters of color to speak into our lives and change us.

Have you ever said, “I am not creative?” Each of us have the imagination of our Father inside of us. That means we ARE creative and have so much to express! What better way to create than with our community? Let’s gather together, break down barriers and release what’s within each of us. God is always speaking. What is God speaking to you? Creativity comes in all forms, so please feel free to bring your choice of crafts and supplies! Maybe you have been wanting to experiment with a new way to create. This is the time to experiment! Let’s dive in TOGETHER! My paint brush is in hand, what will you bring?

Come join this lovely group of ladies for a fun social time to sip some afternoon tea and work on your special knitting, crochet or needlework projects! Get ready for lots of chatting and laughs!